About Us


A modeling industry to be acknowledge locally and nationally as a first-class Fashion Runway Models with various opportunities to young aspiring models that consistently meet standard of excellence. We are unique and special. We motivate, train, inform and prepare them to succeed, equip them with the skills that they can use and to realized their potentials to be better in their craft. We believe that we can achieve whatever we put our mind to. We want to broaden our vision, in preparing our models to become mentors, and increase their confidence and transform their lives to advance themselves in modeling industry.


We strive for excellence in providing a holistic program designed to achieve and develop the aspiring models their confidence and help them achieve their specific dreams. We support and provide an environment to continuous learning, growth and development and embrace other’s differences. We want to create a culture of professionalism, equality and transparency to meet our life’s objectives – One Team… One Dream… One Goal.



Every individual has dreams and aspiration in life. Determined people have plans and goals. As aspiring models, always be guided with our vision and mission.

Pursue your dreams and always remember that hardwork and perseverance leads you to success. As your CEO I am happy and proud that you are coming out the 2nd issue of ZAT’G Magazine.

Congratulations and More Power!


As event coordinator and planner of Kates’ Collection, I deal with different people in all walks of life. I value trust to every client that I deal with and maintained a lasting friendship with them, their families and friends. I work with passion and enthusiasm and my goal is to achieve the WOW factor with each aspect of every event. I want to be involved in every detail of every occasion that I am working and I won’t settle for less, I want to give them the best with affordable packages that fits to their style and budget. As Chief Operation Officer of ZAT’G Fashion Runway Models, I want to impart the culture of respect, understanding and equality to every model. You are here to develop and enhance your skills in the catwalk. When you feel tired, focused on your goal. Just believe, don’t ever give up because in the end you will harvest the fruit of your labor. Work professionally and always keep your feet on the ground. Enjoy, have fun and know what you’re getting into.

And to my staff, I thank you for your dedication and unending support to the ZAT’G Fashion Runway Models. I cannot do it alone but because of you I am determined to pursue our goal in molding these young aspiring models to fulfill their dreams in modeling industry.
Congratulations to all of us for coming up the second issue of ZAT’G Fashion Runway Models and Events Creation Magazine. Kudos to everyone.


Modeling, isn’t about being beautiful but creating a remarkable identity for the people to look at and think about you. As your coach, I want to share this with you, being a model is your choice, the choice to be successful someday. To be successful, you have to bring the right skills and attitude, without it you are nothing.

First, you need to have self-discipline to perform your obligations during workshops and other activities.

Second, your commitment because it requires sacrifice of time, resources and effort.

Third, your ability to get along with others. Your work attitude towards your fellow models, coach, make-up artist, photographers and other people you work with.

Fourth, is to have self-confidence, to be able to show and how you carry yourself in every situations. Be confident in yourself and stand out.

Lastly, is teamwork, modeling is both fun and hard work, you will be dealing with different people of different attitude and personality.

You are playing a role, and you need to be what role calls for you. Bring this wherever you go and I assure you, success is within your reach.

To all the parents, thank you for allowing me to coach your children. I am flattered by the gestures you showed during their practices especially those who travelled from the nearby places and provinces. You have taken a lot of sacrifices to be with them and I know for a fact how busy you are and sometimes it affect your schedules and other family gatherings. Time in your hands is really precious, but I admire you for taking away that precious time, and setting it aside to be with them. This is a manifestation of how much you love and support them.

Lastly, thank you to the management of ZAT’G Fashion Runway Models and Event Creation for the support and trust you have given me as a coach and also to my fellow coaches, admin and staff again thank you. One Team, One Dream, One Goal… ZAT’G Fashion Runway Models and Event Creation.